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Customers Review

Prompt your customers to review your product or services with automation

  • Engage customers with after-purchase email prompting them to review their experience
  • Let customers review you on their platform of choice by providing links to most popular platforms
  • After the review, thank them for positive ones and give a feedback form for negative ones

leave 5-star reviews

Encourage customers to leave 5-star reviews with pre-populated templates

  • Provide customers with platform-wise links to pre-populated 5-star templates to encourage positive reviews
  • Reduce friction in the reviewing process with completely customizable email templates
  • Keep the reviews coming with the help of automation

Address negative reviews with feedback forms & thank customers for positive ones

  • Manage your reviews in the admin console with separate positive and negative sections
  • Send automated thanks emails to customers who provided positive feedback with Social Share prompt
  • Send feedback survey forms to customers who were dissatisfied with your product or service

Share customer reviews on multiple platforms effortlessly

  • Share positive reviews on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Share customer testimonials in visual form with automated graphics creation feature (optional)
  • Prod reviewers to share their positive feedback on social platforms in the thanks email

Business success with online word of mouth, at any scale

  • Collect genuine customer feedback to grow your business
  • Showcase potential customers social proof via reviews
  • Use FiveStarReviews for businesses at any scale

Online Review Can Make or Break Brands.

Manage reviews instead of dreading them — with FiveStarReviews.

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