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Get More Yelp Reviews For Your Business

Everything you need to know about using Yelp to get more reviews for your business

Yelp is the leader when it comes to online review sites

If you’re reading this then you least know of Yelp, Yelp reviews and how much power your Yelp rating holds when it comes to your online reputation. Yelp is a powerful force when it comes to influencing consumer behavior and ultimately whether or not consumers choose your business or the competition.

Your business’ Yelp profile, Yelp reviews and overall Yelp rating can play a huge role in whether or not your business stands out to consumers looking for your products or services. All things equal, businesses with a high volume of good Yelp reviews will win more business than those those with bad or low volume.

In fact, your Yelp star rating may be the only thing some consumers care about (more on that later).

Whether you’re new to Yelp, or are a seasoned Pro, the information below will arm you with everything you need to know about getting more Yelp reviews and better managing your Yelp reviews to grow your business.

Getting more Yelp reviews is important & these numbers prove it

According to Yelp’s publicly reported data, over 127 million reviews have been written on Yelp. As the graph below shows, the number of reviews written on Yelp have been steadily growing for many years now with no signs of slowing down.

Additionally, over 180 million monthly unique visitors go to Yelp via a mobile or desktop device. These 180 million read your online reviews and use them as the basis for their decision to do business with you.

Review Statistics

Businesses of all types need to get more Yelp reviews

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, chances are people are reviewing you online and you should focus on generating new reviews as fast as possible. It can be easy to say, “well Yelp reviews don’t matter for businesses in my industry,” but the truth is that having a strong Yelp rating, and getting more Yelp reviews can only help your business.

As the graph below shows, yes, some industries tend to get reviewed more often, but all industries are covered on Yelp and end up getting reviewed by consumers. (source: Yelp Fact Sheet)

Business Category

What you need to know about getting more Yelp reviews

It is important to note that Yelp is known for being really strict about how businesses go about getting more reviews on their platform. According to Yelp’s review policy, they don’t a business to ask for a review in any form of fashion. Even a verbal request for a review can be interpreted as a violation of their policy.

So what choice do you have as a business owner that is trying to get more Yelp reviews?

Now that you know that asking for Yelp reviews in any form is technically against their review policies, the safe option is to simply stop asking for them and focus your efforts on generating more reviews on other sites. Although Get More Reviews is capable of connecting to your Yelp listing, we simply advise against it as this is technically a violation of Yelp’s review policy

Many Get More Reviews users simply let Yelp reviews come in on their own, while configuring their account to generate reviews on other important listings like Google My Business and Facebook.

Although we advise against it, if you decide to configure your account to generate Yelp reviews just do so knowing that Yelp may in fact find you in violation of their policies. In this case, it is very likely they will send you a warning letter or email prior to actually taking any action against your listing.

Your Yelp Reviews Are Everything to New Customers

  • 88%

    People that trust Yelp reviews as much as personal recommendations

  • 44%

    People that say a Yelp review must be written within last 30 days in order to be relevant

  • 57%

    People that would choose a business with a 3 star or below Yelp rating

  • 94%

    People that would choose a business with a 4 star or greater Yelp rating

Your Yelp Reviews Are Everything to New Customers

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